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As a church we are entering into a season of soaking in the good news of Jesus. To do that we will spend time going through the life changing good news of Jesus as told in the gospel of Matthew.

Previous Teachings

The Bible is filled with practical wisdom that has helped and guided people for thousands of years. The book of Proverbs is no exception. Through this summer series we will explore these incredibly valuable pieces of wisdom for our faith and life.

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Clarity is what gives meaning and purpose to everything we do in life. Remedy Church exists to connect disconnected people to Jesus. When we know why we do what we do, and how we are going to go about doing it, our ability to make an impact will be unstoppable.

Jesus says that besides loving God with everything in us, the most important thing is to "Love your neighbor". This brings up some important questions: "Who is my Neighbor?" "How Should I Neighbor?" "Why Should I Neighbor?" In this series we take a lot at at scripture in order to answer these very questions.

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Holy Week 2017

More than a simple tradition, Holy Week is a time where Jesus is celebrated for His saving work in our lives. We shout "Hosanna!", which means "Save us!", and yet Jesus saves us in ways that are completely unexpected and yet unimaginably powerful as we see on Good Friday. And then the ultimate celebration comes Easter Sunday, as everything Jesus promised starts to come true!

"I want to grow, and I know I should be growing in my faith. But I’m not." Sound familiar? So many of us feel stuck, or struggle with motivation or guilt when it comes to growth. This series explores the ways we grow in faith, and the natural struggles that come along with that growth.

(We had audio recording issues on week two, where we discussed prayer. However you can find a "Remedy Leftovers" video link that discusses that message in depth here.)

In this series we walk through an ancient church document known as "The Apostles Creed". This is a statement the church has been reciting since before we even had the Bible as we know it today. If this statement was universally agreed upon by the earliest Christian communities, then it is certainly worth our attention today. We walk through these fundamental Christian teachings through this message series.

(We apologize for the missing content. As a brand new church we are still working out plenty of glitches. Feel free to reach out with any questions you might have about anything you missed here.)


Christmas Season 2016 series. During the hustle and bustle of the holidays we will stress ourselves with so much: parties, presents, events, schedules, etc. But in the midst of all this God is offering gifts to us that are of immeasurable and eternal worth, if we would simply take the time to unwrap them. 

 The first message series at Remedy Church. By looking at stories of Jesus and his interactions, we see how He truly is the Remedy for the brokenness in our world.