Am I Called to go with Remedy? - A Guest Post by Stan Thompson


Am I Called to Go with Remedy? -Part One

As you know, Pastor Andy is planting a new church in Oakdale in October called Remedy. As the Alley, we are providing prayer and financial support. As individual Alleyans, we have been asked by Pastor Ben and Pastor Andy to consider going with Remedy.

About 30 people have already committed to go with Remedy in October. Are you called to join them? Am I? Over the next couple of months, Bev and I will be spending deliberate time discussing and praying for discernment about our involvement with Remedy and we encourage you to do the same.


What could committing to Remedy look like?

  • Pray daily for Remedy and the community
  • Be on the music team once a month
  • Support Remedy financially
  • Participate in service events with Remedy
  • Go with Remedy for 6 months
  • Go with Remedy for 1 year
  • Go with Remedy for the foreseeable future
  • Help Remedy in another way

Please be in prayer today for Remedy and for how you might help.